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1. ^-^

Mail me if you want to set up a trade! I'm online almost every day but sometimes I forget to answer mails so if I don't respond in a day please feel free to send another.

I have a hidden closet so please let me know what you're seeking for my htf wishes :)

I also have 2 mme caps I may trade for some wishes.

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3. HTPW/Highlights/New

Stuff that's nicer or I just like a bit more. Things marked 99 are htpw so I'll be slightly picky. Most things here aren't uft for gbcs.

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5. Regular Trade List

1 GBC or an item worth 1-2.

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6. 2:1 Sale

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Items bunnybunzz wants

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1. High Priority

Need for customs asap, please tell me what you're seeking for them ^^

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