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Items IzayaOrihara owns

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!Feel free to Neomail!

Please feel free to neomail, I'm on everyday, but I do work so replies may be a bit slow. Even if you don't have any of my wishes, I'm willing to take a look qt your trade list if there's something you want.

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Only for up for trade for pops of simular value/rarity and wishes, unless offered. If I post on your board saying anything interest you from my trade list, but don't say excluding, feel free to ask about these items.

Items marked 99 are only for higher valued wishes. Items marked 4 I'm working out a trade with.

This list is empty.

2. Little Higher Values

Generally worth between 3-6 GBC!

First number = minimum value

Second number = max value Ex: 35 means it goes between 3 and 5 gbcs, then I'd prefer to trade it for 4 if possible.

This list is empty.

3. Normal Trade List

Generally worth 1-2 GBCs!!! Most of these items I will do a 2:1 value towards wishes, but not GBC.

Other Items: Holiday Bells Goodie Bag | Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag | Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag | Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag | Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

4. Multiple for wishes, 2:1 GBC, or 3:1 BF GBC

I'd literally have no problem over offering in these items for wishes. Some are buyable, but not all of them are.

This list is empty.


Not really sure on values, but uft.

This list is empty.

Items IzayaOrihara wants

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!Non AC wishes

Items I want that aren't for my gallery.

This list is empty.

1. Popular AC items

Items here are unfortunately worth 10+ caps.

I'm more casually seeking, may wait until next years re-release capsule, however that doesn't mean I won't trade. If we can work out a deal for these, please let me know.

Items marked 4, I'm working out a deal for.

This list is empty.

AC items that I'm not sure on value


I'm going to wait for a re-release unless offered, not actively seeking, but would gladly trade for them.

This list is empty.
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