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1: Info

First things first, I respond to ANYONE! I LOVE trading. So if you see something you want, make an offer. I may or may not accept it! I do love looking at TLs as well, so you should just include yours in your nm so I can browse it :). I am a really friendly person, so feel free to nm me any offers! However, I am also very forgetful, so please be patient with me if I forget what I asked for/offered. I try to keep a word doc. of what I offer/ask for but sometimes I forget to update it! Enjoy my TL, and happy Trading :D

GBCs: 0

Boxes: 3

NC: 3050

This list is empty.

2: Dyeworks Lending

These Items are not UFT. I am willing to lend them out for 1 GBC and you can dye it however many times you want to. I may be willing to lend items out for smaller wishes if I have enough boxes.

This list is empty.

5: 3+ GBC

This list is empty.

7: Extra Paint Brush Clothing

Dress to Impress
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