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Items sunkissed_dew owns

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Items I have

Organized? Definitely not.

Things on here I'll trade for items on my wishlist or GBC's (not all of them I will trade for GBC's though). Send me a neomail and let's get trading!

Also this list was last updated on July 25th 2016. If there are items here that I just traded for and you're thinking "hey! you said you loved that item and really wanted it and now you're trading it" rest assured it's actually probably a mistake. After 38 pages of importing from my safety deposit box I probably missed taking it out of my regular trading list. So with that in mind, some items on here MAY not be up for trade

This list is empty.

Pretty Things

Things I love that I have! Although I'm open to offers for them, they're mostly only up for trade for wishes because I love them dearly and even then, trading most of them would be really hard to do!

Things not on here or on my regular trade list ARE NOT up for trade. They are things that have been gifted to me and I will never part with.

Feel free to neomail me with any offers and I usually will get back to you within a day. If you don't hear from me I may have missed your neomail.

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Items sunkissed_dew wants

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Items I need to either replace or, if the items lister here are baby it's because I have a brand new baby pet that needs more clothes! Thanks Miri for the baby!

Wondering where my whole wish list is? If I showed everyone all my wish list items I'd probably look like a hoarder, or greedy so my wishlist is mostly hidden besides a few items here.

I have tons of items I'm looking for so if you see something on my tradelist you like, don't hesitate to neomail me and show me your tradelist. Chances are, you'll have something I am looking for

Anytime I get a wishlist item, a new item will be added, so check back

Items I get from my wishlist are usually permanent closet items.

This list is empty.
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