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0. Welcome

I made a new list so if you are here, this is out of date and I no longer use it!

This list is empty.

2:1 items

Not currently doing 2:1 trades, sorry

I will take one gift box cube for 2 of these items! Note: I may not always be open to 2:1 trades. When I am very low on boxes, I don't like to do these trades because with my luck, GBCs rarely give me more than 2 boxes.

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4. Up for trade - SDB Items

Items from my SDB that are up for trade. Please neomail me at ily171717 if you're interested.

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5. Closet Items

These are all the items in my closet. I would only trade these items for top priority wishes.

I've moved all permanent closet items to a separate private list. These items might be up for trade for the right offer, but I will be very picky with them.

99=VHTPW. Probably won't trade them.
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Items ily171717 wants

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High Priority

These items are high priority, the things that I am actively seeking. :)

Number meanings:
2 - I need this for a specific customization
3 - I need this for side account sierraluff
4 - I need this for side account raerra
5 - I need this for side account sierrainbow
9 - This item is the highest priority!

This list is empty.

Wanted2 - Medium Priority

Items in the middle. I'd like to get these items, but they aren't my first priority.

This list is empty.
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