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As of 04/17/2018 I am on hiatus. NM’s regarding trades will be unanswered due to not being online. Sorry for the inconvenience! I will be back eventually~

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1. An UFT List

Everything that's UFT between 1-3 caps. No attachment to these items whatsoever.

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4. Buyables

These items are all obtainable from the mall right now and are 2:1, or however many boxes I get out of your GBC, is how many you get.

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98. Side Account Highlights

Please ask how much I am seeking for these. Numbers indicate which side, not the value/quantity.

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Items Bailey wants

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First Priority Wishes

These are items I need ASAP! Will trade my heart and soul for these things!

Items marked 99 are first priority and I want to trade for them first. Custom and GBCs are usually available for these items.

Also seeking GBCs!

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