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.0 Welcome!

Hi there! :3 My name is Eri and I spend way too much time on the NCC.

I began sporadically NC trading around October 2017 and don't have much experience before that with NC, so I apologize in advance if I ask silly questions or take a few extra moments to double check a value. :) I generally go by ~Waka.

Thank you to everyone who has offered me warm wishes and bits of advice--it is truly appreciated!

FYI: Numbers are generally for my use only; feel free to ignore them unless a section specifies what a particular number is for.

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.0000 UFT HTPW

99 = UFT for HTF/popular wishes only (also marked 99 on my wishlist), not GBCs/custom.

22 = I have a spare.

33 = on a side and may need a GBC to move.

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Items lucent wants

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.00001 HTF High Priority Wishes

For items in this list, I will always offer GBCs/custom in addition to my HTPW and general tradelists. I will also potentially open my closet. Honestly, I'll even hunt down your wishes!

If you have a wish from this section, please contact me--I'd love to work something out!

If the item is marked 99, I'm willing to trade items in my TL that are also marked 99 for it.

Also have:

  • Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule x 1
This list is empty.

.0001 High Priority Wishes

Items marked with 333 are for my new pet Theaodora, on my side, lavenderwyngs.

This list is empty.

.00032 Replace

Always offering GBCs/customs for these, in addition to my TL. I'll offer items marked 99 on my TL for items marked 99 here.

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.00033 Ultimate Dreams

These are things that I'll probably never be able to afford, but hey!

I most likely won't be able to offer pure GBCs for these, but if you're interested in doing a mix of item/custom/GBC, that might be a bit more doable. :)

This list is empty.

.0004 Buyable Wishes

This is basically just a reminder for me to eventually buy these things, or keep an eye out for them in 2:1 sales.

Number = indicates how many of that item I need/want.

This list is empty.

.0005 Svaella's Wishes

All of these things are wishes for Svaella, my little mermaid.

Varying degrees of want here, so I might pass on an offer from time to time, but I am actively seeking these. n_n

This list is empty.

.00073 Casual Summer Wishes

.00074 Casual Nomad Wishes

All wishes here are for my nomadic account, knapsack.

This list is empty.

.0009 Super Casual Cool Stuff

I'm not actively seeking these, but I think they're neat and might snag them up if I find any in sales.

This list is empty.
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