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A Note

Welcome to my TL. It's a bit humble but you never know. We may have the perfect match.

If you can see the items here they are UFT.

I always answer mails that I see. That being said, if you did mail me and I didn't respond I have overlooked it somehow. Mail again if you like. :)

Note: I am currently 38 weeks pregnant as of 8/6/18. I may very well miss mails/take longer to respond than usual since I will be very spotty getting online for the next month or so. Please keep this in mind if you are desperately seeking something! :)

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Regular UFT

UFT for any and all wishes.

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Side Items UFT

These items may or not be on a boxless side. Typically I don't like trading side items for boxes and prefer to gain wishes. However offer, you never know what kind of state my main will be on boxes.

Numbers aren't quantity or value. It's a cheat for me to remember what side they are on. :)

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The 2:1 Deal

As the title says, these items are all 2:1 GBC! Both buyables and retireds are in here because I am not fancy enough to separate them. ;-P

Anything with a value of "2" means I have a (potential) pretrade.

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My Priority Wants

Seeking Current Dyeworks

Dress to Impress
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