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Items Uzhul owns

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2) In Use

This items currently on use or i just like it too much, but, can trade it, just ask!

This list is empty.

3) UFT

Always looking for GBCs and Custom.

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4) 2:1

Also looking for small items in my WL for this section.

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5) Meepit Gallery

This is all my Meepits items, this are usually HTPW, but, can trade it, so, just make an offer!

Also, if you have/know a NC or NP item that have a Meepit in its picture, but doesn't have "Meep" in it´s name, let me know please!!!

(an example for this is the Green Woodland Path Background, looks like a normal BG, but has an animation of beautiful Yellow Meepits jumping! )

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Items Uzhul wants

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0) Dream Wishes

2) Prettys I Want

Items I would use in the future.

This list is empty.

3) Also Seeking

Items I would really like to have someday.

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4) Meepit Gallery

Well, I love Meepits so wanna make a gallery of all Meepit items including NC items, so, I want all.

Notes: some of this items are really common, so, not offering GBCs or similar for that, and I prefer trade some of this in a bulk.

Also seeking non-wearables with Meepit in name!

For Meepits Trio: looking for lowest value, even less please.

This list is empty.
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