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* Hello and welcome to my DTI! *

Welcome to my new DTI! I now have both JN and DTI for maximum tradeage LOL. However, if you found this list via my JN, please treat this as a different TL/WL entirely. I'm more specific with what I'm seeking on here.

I'm ONLY seeking my HTF wishes for my V/HTPW items. If I make a board seeking GBCs/custom/easily obtainable items, that doesn't mean I'm offering from my closet unless I specifically say so.

For everything else, feel free to offer GBCs or custom!

Last updated on 25/06/2018.

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V/HTPW Tradelist

This is a mixture of HTPW and VHTPW (marked with 99) items from my closet. It's definitely possible to pry these items from me in the right combination for the right trade.

Not seeking GBCs, custom, or common items for this list. If an item would be easy to get with my normal TL or custom, I won't trade something from here for it as I'd just have to replace it after.

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~1-2 Cap

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Items bananabunny wants

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1. Top Priority

My big fat near impossible wishes. e_e I'm willing to part with some VHTPW items for them and can always offer custom for this section.

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3. Low Priority

These items are cute or whateva, but I either don't absolutely need them at the moment or they're currently out of my budget. Feel free to make an offer, though be warned I'll be picky with what I trade for these.

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