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Items sayonnx owns

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01. Dyeworks Lending

Can lend 2:1 GBC, 1:1 Dye potion/small wish

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02. Recent Items

03. Regular Tradelist

- Day of the Dead Mystery Capsule x1
- Holly Holiday Cracker Gram (no LE) x1
- Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram (no LE) x2
- Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule x1
- New Year 2017 Celebration Mystery Capsule x1
- Winter Wonderland Mystery Capsule x1
- Winter Storm Retired Mystery Capsule x1
- Black Heart Sweetheart Gram (no LE) x1
- Queen of Hearts Sweetheart Gram (no LE) x1
- Rustic Love Sweetheart Gram (no LE) x1
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Items sayonnx wants

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01. Priority

Always seeking GBCs

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02. New Items

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03. Seeking

Hue brew dye potions

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