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A: Disclaimer To My Lists

Hi there! Just popping in to say that while I do normally follow ~waka as my NC value guide, there are a few items in my TL/WL that I value a little differently. So please do not be offended if I reject an offer on an item that you thought was a fair trade, its nothing against you or your lovely items I promise! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you see something you love <3

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B: Baby Items

Also check the highlights section for the more popular ones! (2/24/18)
Items marked 99 are in pre-trade currently, sorry!

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D: Dyeworks UFT

N: Wings UFT

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O: Make-Up/ Contacts/ Markings UFT

P: Pants/ Skirts UFT

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These are items I'm not currently using but really love and are VHTPW. These are probably not UFT but if you really want them feel free to ask, depending on the trade I might be willing to give these up.

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Items some_one_61 wants

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A: Non-Wearables ~ Always Seeking~


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General WL

Semi-actively seeking items are here. I may or may not trade GBC depending on the value of the item. Mostly looking for item for item trades here. May make exceptions.

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High Priority

VERY actively seeking these items. Generally are main items for customs I am working on or items I am saving for pre-trades. Will usually offer GBC's for these if no item for item trades can be met.

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