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- 1. Please read -

I'm not that active on Neo anymore as I want to spend my time on RL goals.
Feel free to mail, but don't expect a response right away.

Currently seeking wishes and upcycle cookies, but feel free to mail me your TL.
I'll try to respond to emails as soon as I can.

Last updated: May 2018 This list is empty.

- 2. Highlights

Don't agree with the value guides for some of these.
Generally HTPW.

This list is empty.

- 3. Regular -

Casually seeking upcycle cookies too

This list is empty.

- 4. UFT for 2:1 Upcycle Cookie -

This list is empty.

Items Oceahn wants

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- 1. High priority -

Items marked with '21' are items I'd like to find in a 2:1 sale.
Items marked '99' are highest of high priority x)
The other # on items are the values according to ~Waka.
If you value your items differently, please let me know.

This list is empty.
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