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00: Notes

Last Updated: 23 March 2019
Feel free to neomail me if you'd like to trade
I do have the glitch where it may say my neomail is full, it never is,
so you can ignore the warning (you should still be able to send the neomail).

NOTE: I live in London, which is 8 hours ahead of NST
(So please give me time to reply if you are mailing from a different timezone)

GBCs and Non-Wearable items that I have for trade are listed on my JellyNeo wishlists:

If you have any of my Gallery Wishes, you can find my closet here:

This list is empty.

Tradelist 01: Higher Valued Items

Looking to trade these towards my wishes.
Can combine items and add GBCs for more expensive wishes

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Tradelist 02

This list is empty.

Tradelist 03

This list is empty.

Tradelist 05: Dyeworks Spares

This list is empty.

Tradelist 06: Upcycle Junk

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

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01: Gallery Wishlist (HIGH PRIORITY!)

Need these remaining items for my Pirate Gallery!
Can offer full GBCs, FQCs, custom, my tradelist/closet or a combination of these.

Items I Am After:
Krawk Island Crokabeks Nest Lair (glitched -can't be removed from shed)
Krawk Island Window (unreleased)
Krawk Island Door (unreleased)

Yes yes, all my wishes are either glitched or un-released AND not wearable
Forever waiting for them to be fixed/released 0:-)

This list is empty.

02: Other Wishes

(22 = Have pending trade for this item)

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