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Items branflakes owns

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this trade list features items from my tradeable closet, duplicates, and things gathering dust in my sdb. i prefer to trade the latter, but i'm open to all fair offers on closet items!

feel free to ask if you don't see what you're looking for—i have my favorites in an extensive private list i'd be happy to swap for htf / dream wishes. :')

all sections are titled accordingly!

items marked 16 = saved for a pretrade
items marked 21 = 2 for 1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC
items marked 99 = v/htpw
items marked 55 = buyable (wip)

This list is empty.

001a. highlights (wishes only)

001b. highlights

these are uft for wishes, gbcs, caps, and custom!
number denotes cap value per ~owls. if anything here is inaccurate, please feel free to let me know!

This list is empty.

002. public closet

this list is a severe WIP! it's supposed to be a collection of the stuff in my closet that i rarely / never use and therefore don't mind taking offers on or parting with.

right now there are only a couple dozen things here so it's a bit pointless lol. i'm going to try to add to this continually, so feel free to check back!

99 = htpw

This list is empty.

003. sdb

This list is empty.

Items branflakes wants

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* number key *

21 = i'm hoping to find this in a 2:1 sale
16 = arranged pretrade for said item
55 = need for main closet
99 = offering custom!

This list is empty.

001. to finish customs

002. casually seeking

This list is empty.
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