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0. Lending for Dyeworks

Lending them 2:1 GBC or if boxes allow: for 1 FQC , 1 Dyework Potion, spare dye or small wish
I will send you will dye then RETURN :),

This list is empty.

1. 2:1 - Limited Edition Items

Limited Edition or retired items
2:1 GBCs or upcycles (when boxes available); 1:1 FQC
Also seeking small wishes dyepots & game packs
Number indicates quanitiy

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2. NC - 2:1 Sale

Buyable 2:1 GBC or upcycle cookie
1:1 FQC , dyepots, small game packs, small item trades
Number indicates quantity.

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2.2 NC 2 GBCs

2.3 NC 3 GBCs


Items UFT for Item:Item trades
not uft for gbcs

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4. NC Closet Pretties {HTPW}

Some of my closet pretties I may be willing to part for my wishes
Note 1: If you have my wishes and are not interested in any of these items please send your list, I have more in my closet I may be willing to part with :)
Note 2: I am not keen on trading these away. I will be picky, these are items I love and will have to replace eventually. I am more likely to trade from any of my other lists first.

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Items spukl1 wants

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1. Priority Wishes

Always seeking GBCs (66 gbcs desired)
Usually seeking game packs, custom, dyepots, cookies etc. as well
888 means pending trade

This list is empty.

NC Seeking

Seeking these items!
Feel free to neomail.
Can often do custom if that interests you.
Numbers are approx. GBC values based off of /~waka for my personal reference while trading (not numbered = 1-2)

21 = seen in 2:1 sales
111 = buyable/attainable This list is empty.
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