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I'm typically online every day, and I respond to all NMs within a maximum of 24 hours. If I haven't gotten back to you within that time frame and you are still interested, then please message me again. Sometimes I forget because I'm rubbish, or one of our mails might've just slipped through the cracks of wonky ~NeoMail Web Messaging~.

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II.) Gram Things

*11 - Diamond Darling Sweetheart Gram (quantity: 12)

*22 - Locked Up Hearts Sweetheart Gram (quantity: 3)

*33 - Lovely Valentine Sweetheart Gram (quantity: 3)

(*Number indicates which gram the item is from. UFT for my wishes, but I'm not at all opposed to browsing TLs for any of these or trading some for GBCs (the most recently released one, if possible).

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III.) Other Things

UFT for my wishes. Happy to browse TLs for these, as well. And some I’d be glad to trade for, preferably, the most recently released GBC, so please feel free to ask.

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IV.) 2:1 GBC / 1:1 FQC Things

No GBC preference for this list, just as long as it’s a cube that gives out at least 2 boxes.

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NC Wishes

I also usually have full custom and/or GBCs available for all of my wishes, so please don't hesitate to ask.

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