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A. i n f o - u p d a t e d . 6 / 11 / 19

> > I typically use ~Waka as a value guide but my attachment also factors < <

> > m y . o r g a n i z a t i o n :
'111' is main gallery | grunge_cat
'200' is on second account | fractaling
'300' is on third account | fractaling2
'99' is urgently needed
Any other numbers are quantity not value - it's already organized

Not a ton to trade as I mostly trade for closet/htpw items, but if you see something please feel free to Neomail; I am online every day and love getting mail~ I don't bite

> > n o n . w e a r a b l e s . u f t :
GBC | 10
Dye Pots | 0
FQC | 3
Money Tree Cupcake | 2

This list is empty.

AA. g i f t s

Gifts from extremely kind and generous players!!
As such, these are never ever uft, but I wanted to display their generosity ^^

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C. h i g h l i g h t s

F. 3 GBC

G. 4 GBC

This list is empty.

H. c l o s e t

!! this section not uft unless I offer it !!
inquiries welcome if you have my "99" priorities however ^^ It's public because there's a chance I'll offer. Also have a hidden "my preciousessss" closet I may offer from, very rarely, usually on boards.

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Items Grunge_Cat wants

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1. p r i o r i t y

things needed for current customs
can also offer GBC if I have them
'99' is most urgent | closet inquiries welcome :)

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1A. r e p l a c e

Items I've traded away and now need to replace ^^

This list is empty.

4. g a l l e r y

This is lowest priority but I'm still interested, don't be afraid to offer ^^
Please let me know if you have any of these in sales

This list is empty.

5. t o o . r i c h . f o r . m y . b l o o d

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