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Items Grunge_Cat owns

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1. info

> > Updated September 2022 < <

> > values from ~Owls but my attachment slightly factors if it's on higher or lower end < <

'99' is priority
Not a ton to trade as I mostly trade for closet/htpw items, but if you see something please feel free to Neomail; I am online nearly every day and love getting mail~ I don't bite

I also will always respond as it is polite to do so ^^ so if I don't respond within a couple days, I might not have seen your mail so feel free to send another one. Timezone is NST + 9

> > non-wearables uft < <
GBC | 13 (11 BF)
Lab Cookie | 3
Archive Cookie | 1
Faerie Cookie | 1
Dye Pots | 0
Money Tree Cupcake | 2

This list is empty.

2. 2:1 buyables/smol stuff

2:1 gbc or archive cookie
1:1 upcycle, fqc, dyepot

This list is empty.

3. highlights

Just a listing of more popular or new items I have uft~

This list is empty.

7. 4 + GBC

these items I am usually saving for bigger wishes and would like 'item for item' trades please

This list is empty.

8. vhtpw closet

!! this section not uft unless I offer it !!
except for "99" priorities
It's public because there's a chance I'll offer or accept if for priorities. Also have a hidden super secret closet I may offer from.

This list is empty.

Items Grunge_Cat wants

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1. priority

'99' is most urgent | closet inquiries welcome :)
I will usually be perfectly happy to accept GBC for 1-2 valued items ^^

This list is empty.

5. too rich for my blood

High valued or htf items I have my peasant eye on, kind of a dream list

This list is empty.
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