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-- Highlights! --

Popular items (well, relatively) that are totally up for trade.

I never trade items on my tradelist for custom or GBCs. On the flip side I'm almost always willing to trade custom for populars!

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1. Up For Trade: Easy To Part With

I'm not that attached to these, so they're for regular trading!

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3. Up For Trade: 2:1

I can trade 2 items in this section for 1 GBC! Otherwise I'll probably be donating them at the next Charity Corner or something.

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Items liegeman wants

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1. NC Wishlist: Dream Items

Highest priority; I'm always looking for them. I would love to have these one day, but I know they're pricey/rare. Still, I can dream.

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2. NC Wishlist: High Priority

Actively seeking for planned customisations or my Shenkuu gallery. I will always want to trade for these! I'm looking for those labelled 21 in 2:1 sales; any other number is the quantity I'm seeking.

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3. NC Wishlist: Casual

Not actively seeking these, but will be tempted if I come across them. My willingness to trade for them mostly depends on my box situation at the moment. I'm looking for those labelled 21 in 2:1 sales.

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4. Pending Trades

So I don't forget I've already made offers for these or included these in my offer ;_;

Not seeking/trading these unless my pending trades fall through.

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