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Hello! Please feel free to Neomail me if you see anything on my TL that you're after. I'm also open to browsing lists for casual trades. If I don't respond within a few days then I probably missed your NM.

Quantity 99 = HTPW | Quantity 88 = Pending Trade

[ Styles UFT: ]
Nostalgic Sponge Grundo (1)
Nostalgic Grey Krawk (1)
Nostalgic Grey Zafara (2)

[ Non-wearables UFT: ]
SSS (4) | Deluxe SSS (7)
Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022
11th Birthday Shooting Stars Wish Candle
Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule (4)
Munching Meepits (BF) Gift Box Mystery Capsule (1)
Cutie Pie Weewoo (BF) Gift Box Mystery Capsule (55)
Magical Valentine Sweetheart Gram - no LE (14)
Romantic Roses Valentine Goodie Bag (2)
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (32)
Halloween Haul Gram (2)

[ Non-wearables Seeking: ]
Mystical Magic Dust (3)

Gift Boxes (main): 44

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02. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

03. FG & BG Items

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Side Account "H" UFT

Items Roum wants

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2. Medium Priority

Would enhance current customs, but not integral.

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3. Low Priority

I like these things & could probably find a use for them, but no pressing needs.

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