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1. Regular UFT

I do use some of these items from time to time, but am willing to trade them. :)

I follow Waka values for the most part, though some things I might value a bit differently.

Non-wearables UFT:
-Hue Brew potion (2)
-FQCs (4)
-12th Birthday Cupcake of Iridescence (1)
-12th Birthday Garden Party Cupcake (1)
-12th Birthday Carnival Cupcake
-Sunny Side Up Negg
-Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag

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Items snix_snix wants

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Dream Pretties

Not actively looking for these, but they're items I would love to have someday.

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Priority WL

Actively seeking.

(For my reference) 11 = Buyable

(For my reference) 21 = Hoping to find in 2:1 sales

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