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0. info

last updated: oct. 31st, 2023

gbcs: 24 regular, 18 fall forager bf gbcs, 9 munching meepits bf gbcs
custom: unlimited

NOTE: not all 1 quantity items are 1 gbc; some i haven't valued yet or i'm not sure on value

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2. uft

i also have 2 advent dyeworks celebration hue brew potion uft!

quantity = how i personally value them, so no number means 1 gbc!

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4. closet/in use (nc only)

items marked with a 5 are htpw - i don't currently have plans for them but would like to in the future! items marked with a 2 are items i am more willing to part with. all others are currently in use or i have plans for them, so not uft.

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