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these are not uft unless i explicitly offer them to you for a specific high priority wish or have it clearly indicated in a board; even then i will be picky with some of these items so please understand if we can't work out a trade for a particular item. thank you!

the more 9's the items are marked with, the harder they will be to part with...those with 999+ don't count on me letting them go, sorry!

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main account uft

always seeking gbc's, usually an upcycle too

some values here are on the higher end because they are either popular/new/a little htpw for me but please make an offer! i won't value anything so high that it's completely unfair c:

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Items fauxpaper wants

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higher priority

actively seeking; either are replacements for those i've traded or have outfits that need these items in order to be completed.

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lower priority

still seeking these, but can do without them for now.

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