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Items SunflowerLoving owns

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GBCs Available: 38 // Giftboxes Left: 5 // Dyepots Available: 0

1. I can offer GBC for most of my 1st & 2nd Priority Wishes  
2. I am open to casual trading & willing to browse TLs 
3. If you see the same item on multiple lists it's because I have spares of that item  


 On Fri, Sat, & Sun I work 12 hour day shifts. I am usually quite exhausted when I come home and often do not log
 onto neopets on these days. Still, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any offers! I will get back 
 to you as soon as I can!
This list is empty.

2. SALE: 2:1 for GBC

 2:1 for GBC
 1:1 Dyepot
This list is empty.

Items SunflowerLoving wants

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1. Top Priority

Really need these to complete customizations and galleries! Number = Current Value
(34 means 3-4, 21 means I see this item in a lot of 2:1 sales, etc.)

I can offer a mix of GBCs and items off my tradelist or full GBC.

This list is empty.

3. Lower Priority

 Items I would like to have on hand so I can use them in future customizations! Doesn’t hurt to offer :)

 (Not trading GBCs for this list at the moment)
This list is empty.

4. Dream Wishes

 It's very unlikely that I will ever attain these...  
 But if I have multiple of your wishes that you're willing to trade for then lmk!
This list is empty.
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