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Up For Trade (all)

Items I own that I'm willing to trade for items I want.

I don't personally value much of this stuff; literally nothing here is HTPW. Happy to trade for various cookies for a lot of it, just ask!!

  • NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie (2:1)
  • Coincidental Fortune Cookie (3:1)
  • NC Archives Fortune Cookie (3:1)

I always have at least a few GBCs I can offer, including BF GBCs.

I have 5 Dye pots I can offer.

I have ~30 FQCs I can offer. (I will also exchange these at the rates above for other cookies.)

I have 1 Wonderclaw Token I can offer

Numbers are quantities.

My (Not in a list) sometimes has recent buyables that I'm willing to buy as custom, or contents of Grams that I have in my SDB.

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Items howdareyoufreezeme1 wants

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Always happy to do custom for anything in any list below

Just ask!


This list is empty.

Low Priority

I want these items but less desperately than items in the other lists.

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NC wishlist (regular priority)

Items I want for specific ideas I have for specific pets

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Dress to Impress
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