Faeriedoll's items

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Items Faeriedoll owns

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1) Visible Closet- VHTPW

Items I love and use often but may part with for my top priority wishes.

Not UFT for GBCs/ Customs

Numbers below 10 indicate quantity/ above 10 are for personal use.

Items with numbers starting with 9 I will be exceptionally picky with.

This list is empty.


I will accept GBCs/ customs for most items in this list, just ask.

I may be willing to do 2:1 GBCs/ 4:1 BF GBCs for some of these items.

Numbers below 10 indicate quantity/ above 10 are for personal use.

This list is empty.

4) 2:1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC

This list is empty.

Items Faeriedoll wants

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2A) Seasonal Custom

These are items I need to complete a current custom.

21 means I am hoping to find it in a 2:1

The more '9's the greater the priority.

This list is empty.

5) Items I love

No customs available until Black Friday

Items marked with a '7' are items I am willing to offer GBCs/ customs for.

This list is empty.
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