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Items parkerluck owns

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I'm a very casual trader slowly working on building up my closet. I don't buy a lot of NC, so I apologize in advance if I opt to hold onto some items to trade towards wishes instead of GBCs.

Thank you for looking!

Main acct: romeinruins

Please do not mail me on my side (parkerluck).

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01. Tradelist

Since I don't purchase a lot of nc, I prefer to trade for items over caps etc. but please don't be afraid to offer! My tl is fairly small, so I am usually happy to offer custom as filler towards my priority wishes.

  • Items ending in a 1 are stuck on a side, but still uft. I will send myself gbcs to trade for high priority wishes.
  • Items marked 99 are in use/htpw. Maybe not valuable, but I like them!

Unwearables uft:

  • 15th Birthday Tutti Frutti Cake
  • 15th Birthday Bath Day Cake
  • Neopets 23rd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
  • Bubblebee Mine Goodie Bag
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Items parkerluck wants

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01. Priority Wishlist

Items for customs that I already have planned/am working on.

  • Items marked 21 are things I'm hoping to find in a 2:1/value lower.

  • Items marked 55 are highest priority

  • Items marked 7 means I'm waiting to hear back about a potential trade


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Out of my league

High value stuff I love that will probably always be out of reach~

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