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2a. Highlights UFT

These are HTPW items and will only be used for priority NC goals. If you are interested in any of these items, please check out my "actively seeking" section below. Numbers indicate (approximately) what I value them at.

Please do not mail me asking what I'm seeking. I am open to offers, but not 'what are you looking for, for...' mails.
I am **not** seeking pure GBCs for them, sorry! This list is empty.

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1. Actively Seeking

I am aware that some of these items will be hard to find. I hope to add them to my closet, eventually!

SEEKING NON WEARABLE: Captain Threelegs Room Key! I am looking to add this item to my eyrie gallery, so if you have one laying around or know someone that does, please mail me so we can arrange a trade!
No number: Might want someday, but no plans right now.
2: No plans yet, only offering TL items, if I'm interested.
3: Only offering TL items.
4: Offering a combo of GBCs + items from my TL for it
5: Offering full GBCs for it

999: Need to replace eventually

This list is empty.
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