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Items Sinsi owns

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A. Trading Info

Last updated: September 2022.

Value Guides

Non-wearables UFT
- Candy Corn Cupcake (5-6)
- Festive Berry Pie (5-6)
- Zesty Cinnamon Roll (5)

Neomails for trade inquiries are always welcome! c:
I always try to reply within 24 hrs, and I never ghost people.
I do however suffer from chronic illnesses and brain fog,
so please feel free to send me a junk item to remind me to re-check my inbox if I somehow forget to reply. x)
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D. Sales 2:1 (4:1 for BF gbcs)

My GBC sale is always available.
Number = quantity

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Items Sinsi wants

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A. High Priority Wishes

B. Regular Priority Wishes

Dress to Impress
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