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Items pebblescloset owns

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HTPW / Highlights

These are UFT for wishes or the right trade. Not UFT for custom or GBCs.

This list is empty.


These items are UFT!

Available Nonwearables:

Zesty Cinnamon Roll (~2)

8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake (~2)

Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Candy Striped Gift Box Mystery Capsule (~2)

Flower Power Gift Box Mystery Capsule (~2)

Trendsetter Holiday Snowglobe (~15-20)

This list is empty.
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