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..( *w*)..

Any numbers you see reflect the last time I checked the values on said item. Mostly just pay no attention to them if they have incorrect values because I always check before a trade. ^^

UFT items marked with:
21= 2:1 GBC/cookie that I'm seeking
12= 1-2 cap value
anything higher- cap value per ~owls last time I checked it

non=wearables UFT:
Everything Nice Fall Retired Mystery Capsule x3
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x14
Upcycle Fortune Cookie x1

thanks for looking!
UPDATED: 11/2/23

This list is empty.

.03) Dyeworks Lends - NOT UFT

lending 1:1 dyepot or 1:1 GBC, Upcycle, or Archive cookie, & 2:1 BFGBC

This list is empty.

5) Backgrounds, Foregrounds, Trinkets

Stuff for your Back or your Fore (and now for your Trink)

This list is empty.

6) 2:1 & 3:1 Sale

The graveyard of shame
2:1 GBC/Upcycle/Archive
1:1 dyepot
only available 2:1/3:1 if I have the boxes to do so,
when that is the case, I can only offer 1:1 on these!

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Items sumhaize wants

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a) Medium Priority

items I'm seeking spares of / pops I could use as trade fodder
mostly looking for items from my high prio list and saving these as referance for myself, but feel free to offer items from here ^^

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BFGBC pre-trades

Fashionable Flowered Scarf - 4 BFGBC to woof456

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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