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Items smile_hurluberlue owns

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0. Smile's flea market

Hi! I am currently (as of July 2021) actively trading in and out; feel free to neomail me :)

navigate: WISHLIST // 1-cap and 2:1 sales!

Numbers don't matter, they're just to know where stuff is!

11 = hurluberlue (boxes: 2; 1225NC)
22 = smile__hurluberlue (boxes: 5)
33 = smile___hurluberlue (boxes: 0)
44 = smile____hurluberlue (boxes 1)

This list is empty.

1.2 Regular TL

Some are harder to part with and some might not be UFT for caps, but feel free to NM me to ask about it!

This list is empty.

2.2 UFT 1-cap sale

I am willing to let any of those go for one GBC!
If you want many of them, feel free to NM me with your list so we can arrange for a bigger sale :)

This list is empty.

2.3 UFT 2:1 GBC sale

I will let any two of it go for a GBC!

This list is empty.

Items smile_hurluberlue wants

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1. Gallery wishes

I'm looking for those items to complete my Strawberry-themed gallery.

This list is empty.

2A. Custo wishes (priority!)

I'm looking for those clothes to customize my JubJubs. First 2 digits are codes for myself: 11 = hurluberlue; 22 = smilehurluberlue 33 = smilehurluberlue; 44 = smile___hurluberlue 55 = smile_hurluberlue (main) 88 = alternate item (but not preferred)

This list is empty.

2C. Fillers

Dress to Impress
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