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UFT List

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z. Spare Usul PB Clothing that you can have

These are the unwanted/spare Paint Brush Clothes I have acquired from the Lab Ray
You will need to supply the unclothed pet for transfer.

[Aisha] Collar [Bruce] Disco, Glowing, Green, Yellow [Chia] Mystery Island, Robot [Draik] Pirate
[Elephante] Electric [Grarrl] Christmas [Kiko] Zombie [Kyrii] Female Elderly, Zombie [Nimmo] Tyrannian

[Usul] 8-Bit, Biscuit, Blue, Brown, Darigan, Dimensional, Faerie, Gold, Green, Ice, Jelly, Mutant, Orange, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Shadow, Silver, Skunk, Snot, Speckled, Spotted, Starry, Strawberry, Tyrannian, Water, Yellow, Zombie

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1b. Hat = NeoPoint

4a. Hands & Handheld (left) = NeoPoint

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Backgrounds = Neocash

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Backgrounds = Neopoint

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z.Unopened Free GoodieBags

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