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Mostly items that I find pretty and will probably use in the future or items my pet has worn before. Probably wouldn't trade them, but if you're really desperate, you can try sending a neomail.

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Give Away

I have more than 1 of these, and I got these from other very kind players, so I am passing it on! (:

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Maybe willing to part

I either only have 1 of these or will after trading my extra but I don't see myself wearing it anytime in the near future, so I am still open to trades, mostly with items in my want list.

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Mystery Capsules

List of Mystery Capsules owned & uft:
1. Horror Movie Marathon Retired Mystery Capsule x3
2. Yippee Kau Yay Birthday Mystery Capsule x7
3. Closet Essentials Mystery Capsule x5
4. Victorian Winter Ball Mystery Capsule x2
5. Night at the Fairgrounds Sweetheart Gram x2
6. Expressions Mystery Capsule x13
7. Expressions II Mystery Capsule x13
8. Dark Grey Academia Mystery Capsule x11

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Items UFT. I accept GBCs/customs/items in my wish list.

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