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[1] introduction

i do not collect populars + items as trading fodder. the majority of these items are actually my closeted items that i may be attached to, so please don't be offended if i turn down fair offers.

if you are interested in any item, please don't hesitate to mail me. if i don't answer in a couple days, i encourage you to try again, as i sometimes get distracted or forget. i will never intentionally leave a mail unanswered

• key • 
75 : extremely hard to part with
99 : extremely hard to part with
222 : only offering for wishes marked '222'

• other items up for trade •
Lab Ray Cookies (x4)
Game Cookies (x4)
Rustic Love Sweetheart Gram (x4) -- no LE
Velveteen Valentine Sweetheart Gram (x1) -- no LE

This list is empty.

[3] closeted • vvvhtpw

these are closeted items that i hold dear to me and i am extremely picky with. most likely, these are not up for trade except for other htf/ high-valued items. please feel free to offer anyways, but do forgive me if i pass on a perfectly good offer

This list is empty.

[5.1] clothing + accessories

This list is empty.

[5.5] handheld items

This list is empty.

[6.1] backgrounds

This list is empty.

[6.2] foregrounds + background items

This list is empty.

[7] 2:1 gbc sale

This list is empty.

Items coco_bella wants

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[0] note to traders

the majority of my closet is unlisted, so please always feel free to post or mail me your wishlist.

also usually always seeking :
wonderclaw 5-pack or 10-pack • patapult 5-pack or 10-pack • any gbcube

• key •
21 : hoping to find in 2:1 sales
75 : pending trades or reserved
99 : highest priority at this moment
222 : offering unlisted closeted items. nm wl's please

This list is empty.

[1.1] for evening rooftop bg

this is the wishlist for my evening rooftop background.
the curtains and fancy sparkles shower must be included. most of remaining value should be made up from "current wishes" list. will look at tl's or customs for rest of value.

This list is empty.

[3] wishes for my loves

These are little gifts that I would love to surprise my friends with. It's just a thank you for them being in my life and making every day better.

2 : nat
3: bella
4: amy
5: emma

This list is empty.

[4] buyables and events

This list is to keep track of events or new releases that I may want before they retire. Usually not actively seeking these, but feel free to offer. c:

This list is empty.
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