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Before You Mail

Currently redoing tradelist from scratch so until I get everything re-imported/organized I am not looking to make any trades at this time (Sorry!)

If its not on my wishlist I am -not- looking for it.
The only exception are maybe GBCs/FQCs when I'm needing them (check below). Please do not mail me asking to look through your tradelist. My internet connection is borderline unusable most days and it makes looking through them a hassle so I just won't do it.

I cannot offer GBCs or Custom for anything.
I don't really buy NC of my own (or when I do its very little at a time), so any boxes/caps I do manage to stumble across I'd rather keep for my own use.
I probably value things differently
That's not to say I don't still use /~Waka as a guide, just there are some items here that I value higher/lower depending how much I like, need, and will use it. I do tend to value my wishes more than my trade fodder though so its not as bad as it sounds.
I will always respond to your mail
Even if its just to say no thank you. I'm online for at least a couple hours daily so it should never take me longer than 24hrs to reply. If you haven't heard from me assume I either forgot or neo ate my reply and feel free to resend.

Basic Gift Box Count: 1
Yeah I probably need some more~

This list is empty.

Current Priority Wishlist

So that you don't have to scroll through all the junk in my tradelist I'm just gonna plop my main wishes here to save time.
These are the things I'm currently in need of to finish off permanent customs.

This list is empty.


I'm only looking to trade these items towards things in my wishlist below. I am NOT looking to trade these for GBCS/Customs.

This list is empty.

These are all 2 GBCs Each

Items I'd trade for 2 caps or a wish of similar value

This list is empty.

Whatever is Left Over

All the rest of the junk. This stuff can go for either a FQC, small wish or whatever. This is the 2:1 GBC Sale when I'm in the mood to do one.

This list is empty.

Items Kurabelle wants

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Just Put Me Out of My Misery

The Top Priority list. I'm tired of looking for these things so please mail me your specific reasonable wishes if you have em, my extended closets are always open for these so I'll see what I can do.

This list is empty.

These I want Now

Items I need to add that finishing touch to my pets on my main account. These items are priority.

This list is empty.

These Will Come Later

Items I've either moved to a side and would like to have a duplicate of on my main, items I sort of want to replace, or things I just like but have zero plans for. These aren't really a priority, but if I have boxes to spare I wouldn't mind finding trades for them.

This list is empty.

This is for Side Accounts.

Things I've decided I need for pets on my sides. These aren't as big a priority as my main's stuff, but I'd still really like to have it soon.

This list is empty.
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