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0o A Little Introduction o0

~ Read this before Mailing me please!!! ~

Here you will find all the NC items I currently have for trade. My wishlist is at the bottom and unless its listed there I'm likely not looking for it atm (Unless I have a board up that says otherwise) I do not want to sound rude, but please do not mail me asking to look through long lists (or especially albums). I keep these 100% updated ((or at least I will once i get them done -_-)), and my internet connection borders on unusable more often or not, so looking through them is a chore. If you don't have anything from my wishlist chances are I don't need anything else anyways. Also I rarely seek customs or GBCs so unless I've edited it in on one of my wishlist that I am, please don't ask.

I'm still busy with other things most of the time, so before mailing please note that it may take me a day or two -at least- before I get a chance to reply. ((I will always send replies though even if its just to say no thank you :3))

Now then with that out of the way on to the lists of junk~

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1.5) Old Odds & Ends

2) Not so Junky Junk

Stuff that kinda falls in the middle of my other two tradelist, I'm not at all picky with it, but I still won't trade it away for less than its worth.

This list is empty.

3) Other General Trade Junk

Everything else that I have to trade. I'm not picky with any of this stuff in the slightest so if your offering something from my wishlist I won't turn you down ((assuming I have a box that is)).

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Items Kurabelle wants

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1) I Needed These Yesterday!!!

Items of the highest priority. Things I need for current outfit plans or stuff I'm just tired of looking for.

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2) Other Priority Items

Other things I really need for customs I have in mind or items I really really like. Not as high of a priority as the first list, but I do still need these asap.

This list is empty.

3) Everything Else

Other things I'd like to have. I have no idea what I'd do with them yet, but I think they're pretty so I want them. Not really a priority atm, but go ahead and try me anyways, you never know ^^

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