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00- A Few Things Before you Mail -00

Currently redoing tradelist, please excuse the mess in the meantime.

• First off a few of my items I may value a bit differently than the current guides. This is due to a mixture of personal attachment, how difficult I think the item would be to replace should I ever need to, and how badly I want the item (in cases of my wishlist). Hopefully, despite this we can still work something out. If not that's perfectly okay & thank you for looking anyways~
• I am always, always looking for GBCs and will happily trade for those whenever possible.
• Other than customs/GBCs, if it is not on my wishlist below, I am not looking for it. My internet connection makes it insufferable to look through other tradelist so please do not ask me to (I'll ignore your mail if you ask).
• I can not offer you GBCs/Custom for any item. I do not buy NC myself, and any GBCs I do get ahold of I tend to need for myself.
• I do try to keep this list updated, but I'm often forgetful and DTI likes to be a pain lately, so there may be an item or two I no longer have. Apologies in advance if that's the case.
• Now then. If I haven't scared you away yet, I'm usually online at random times throughout the day. My time zone is 2 hours ahead of NST so it shouldn't take me long to respond as long as you don't mail me in the middle of the night ^.

Trade Status:

Current Box Count : 8 (currently only seeking Priority Wishes/GBCs)

This list is empty.

2) Only for Wishes

Items I'm only interested in trading for something from one of my priority wishlist below. These are items I do like and probably could find a use for, but am not currently using so I won't miss them if I can get something I need.
***Items marked "99" are only UFT toward/for wishes below marked the same.

This list is empty.

3) 3 GBCs or more

Higher valued items that I have no real attachment to so wouldn't mind just getting a few GBCs for them. The number on the item is the amount of GBCs I'd be seeking for each item, not QTY. (I'll still trade these for wishes as well though)

This list is empty.

4) The 2 GBC List

Some of these are may only valued at 1~2, but I would be hesitant to trade them away for a single GBC so here they are. I'll still trade any of it for a similarly valued wish though~

This list is empty.

5) The "Only 1 Cap" List

TBH most of this is just junk, however I'm leaving all this here just in case there's anything anyone wants. All of this can go for either a single cubed GBC or a small wish/buyab;e from my wishlist below.

***There are probably some buyables mixed in here. Someday I may sort them out, but not anytime soon.

This list is empty.

Items Kurabelle wants

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1) Current Wants for Main (High Priority Pt.1)

Things I to finish up customs on my main account. Since I already have plans for these items they are top priority.
(For items marked "99" please let me know what your looking for. I have additional hidden list i can offer if need be.)

This list is empty.

2) Current Wants for Sides (High Priority Pt.2)

Items I need for my side pets permanent customs. These are just as high a priority as the items above.
(For items marked "99" please let me know what your looking for. I have additional hidden list I can offer from if need be.)

This list is empty.
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