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00- An Introduction -00

Hello~ Here you will find most of the NC items I have to trade as well as what I'm currently seeking. I try to keep this updated and accurate, however I'm a forgetful person and laziness usually gets the better of me, so there may be one or two things that fall through the cracks.
If anything here catches your eye feel free to mail me. I'm not particularly attached to any of this stuff so I likely won't turn you down if your offering me a wish or GBCs since I always need those. Please note though unless I have a board up stating otherwise its doubtful that I'm seeking NC customs if GBCs are not in the mall.
Normally I'm online at random times from 12pm NST ~12am NST so mails I get between those hours shouldn't take me longer than a couple hours to reply to at most.
I just ask that you please don't mail me asking to look through large tradelist/galleries (or albums! do people even still do that?). My internet connection borders on unusable more often than not & waiting for everything to load and then looking through it is a chore. Chances are if its not on one my wishlist below I'm not looking for it anyways so its kinda pointless.

Now then with all that out of the way Sorry for the block of text here & Thank you for looking through my lovely list of Junk (- ^.^ -)

Current Box Count: 5
Items to be moved from main: 35!!!
Please offer me GBCs!

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1.5) Old Odds & Ends

Old mall items that I never use, but feel would be a pain to retrade for if I ever needed to... This is probably the only section I'll be picky with, but if you offer me something from a priority list, away it goes.

This list is empty.

2) Whatever This Is

A collection of slightly better junk I guess... not picky with these things at all, but would still be hesitant to trade them fore a single GBC.

This list is empty.

3) One Cap Junk

Everything else that I have to trade. I'm not picky with any of this stuff in the slightest so if your offering something from my wishlist (or a GBC), I won't turn you down.

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Items Kurabelle wants

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1) Current Wants for Main (High Priority Pt.1)

Things I want for my main account right this second. This list is always the highest priority. For items marked "99" Please let me see your wishlists.

This list is empty.

2) I Needed These Yesterday!!! (High Priority Pt.2)

Also high priority. These are things I need to finish up permanent customs for my pets on side accounts.
For items marked "99" please let me see your wishlist if trading them. I have lots more I can part with for them besides what's here

This list is empty.

3) Other Wants but Not Needs

Items I'd like for my main account. These are items I need to replace whenever or have plans for, but won't be using anytime soon so they're not a priority like the rest.
Only looking for these when I have a surplus of boxes again. Like the other two lists, items marked "99" I will dig into closets for so let me know what you want.

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