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0. Notes

I get irritated when I don't get replies to my mails :( Please give me one, even if it is just 'no thanks'.

I use /~the_guide and /~dominant as my main value guides but I do double check values on the NCC if I am unsure

I usually reply to mails after 2am NST as my time zone is completely different to 95% of people :P

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2. Normal Tradelist

These are all retired, retiring or from games. All UFT for 1 GBC and my wishes. Will do 2:1 for GBC cubes

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3.1 Closet - VHTPW

Stuff that I am likely never to trade off, only UFT if I offer or for something I really want.

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Items milliaswan wants

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1. Priority

Also always seeking GBC and Upcycle cookie. I may be willing to offer my closet items for these depending on how badly I want the wishes listed below. Send me a mail :)

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2. Casual

Items that I like but can live without or not really sure that I want want. Will still happily trade for most of them though.

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