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0. Never UFT

Items I actively use or want permanently on-hand for alternate outfits, or for whatever reason just cant trade.
Youre definitely way better off getting one of these from someone else. Only listed at all for organization purposes.

This list is empty.


Items I guess I might be willing to lose, but I love them, use them very often, or theyre just very expensive.
Even for the cheap ones I might be a little picky or even fickle, Im not sure I even wanna trade some of them...
But if you really want to try, I'll only consider items from my TOP and High priority lists.

- My Cherry Blossom Garland is UFT only for Autumn Back Porch Background, thankyou.
- I have plenty of Gift Boxes, but I dont have any GBCs or Cookies to offer you rn. XP
- The boundaries between my categories may be a little blurry... A lot of these items are right there on the line.
I havent seen every item on Neopets so my wishlists only have some of the items Ive come across and wanted so far; if I have an item you want but you have nothing from my wanted lists, you still might have something I want. =)

Also, I need to reorganize all of my lists, many of these are out of their categories..~
Theres some items I no longer plan to use, and some Im seeing if I can use in new outfits. Until I get around to reorganizing, just try, as long as its fair. ^w^

This list is empty.

2. Maybe UFT

I like these and tend to use them sometimes, or Im thinking of using them, but I often accept offers of equal value.

This list is empty.

3. Readily UFT

I never really found a use for these, or I got them simply as bargaining chips, so theyre all pretty much ready to go.
Items thatre still buyable from the Mall are 3:1, preferably for GBCs but nonbuyables or wishlist items work too. ((frankly i just want them out of the way))

This list is empty.

Items evervast wants

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0. TOP Priority

1. High Priority

Items Im not actively hunting, but will be once I get some of the higher-ups. Really, really want these.

This list is empty.

2. Mid Priority

Items I need for specific & seasonal outfits or that I really want to have handy, but are more or less idle goals.

edit..due to my own HORRENDOUS INEPTITUDE, most my seasonal outfit items have instead been moved to my High priority list. im fully aware my lists are a nightmare to maneuver. im so sorry. i cant find anything either. im working on it! @_@;;;

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority

Items I like the look of but havent figured out what to use for, and some I can use but can easily do without.
Also some I havent quite decided whether I still want, or if Im cancelling the outfit idea I had...

This list is empty.
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