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0. Hello :)

You definitely don't have to read all of this before contacting me, just go ahead and click that big green 'compare with your items' button, I know you want to. :*

Everything visible on my TL is for trade. I keep my closet items private because they are my secret special shinies :p I have some more 'precious' items listed, that just means I'm less likely to trade for caps, buyables, or easy to find stuff unless I have spares (because I would end up wanting to retrade), but I am happy to offer them for hard to find items or as part of a bigger trade.

Quantities are actual quantities and not values, so yeah I actually do have about 30 Black Satin Bow Ties and 20 Land of Gifts BGs /not a hoarder ;c

Please feel free to mail me about anything you're interested in, and I will happily look at your tradelist; I am always expanding my wishlists when I find other stuff I like.

I do my best to respond to all mails in a timely manner; I am 8 hours ahead of NST. Now that Neo doesn't track replies to messages I also occasionally forget a reply, because I thought about replying but forgot to hit send or something. Just give me a poke if I haven't responded in a day or so. I always give the benefit of the doubt on Neo and choose to believe the best in people, so always feel free to contact me. :*

Thanks for looking! :)

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Jewellery and Markings

Them's mah jewels!

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I just can't get you out of my head.

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LOL maybe one day

cause jourys would look so flyyyyy


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