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1 quick note before you browse...

I try to get on at least once a day to do my dailies so, if you NM me, please know that I will respond when I get a chance. I occasionally go backpacking and have no service, so if I don't respond for some length of time, that's probably why. Even if I am not interested in trading, I will definitely respond to let you know.

I'm not a jerk about my lists, so if you're interested in something and have something I'm seeking, let me know! What I AM a jerk about, though, is people who NM a whole list of people at once and then tell you they've found another trade. If you're just reaching out to everyone and going with the first person who responds, please do not NM me to trade. Quite frankly, it's rude. That is all. :)

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2:1 GB Cube Sale

All of these are available 2:1 for Gift Box Cubes, and I don't typically have a preference on whether they are the most recent ones available or not. I'm also happy to trade them for wishlist items or in casual trades.

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Buyable NC items that I can trade. I will do these 2:1 for cubes & older gift box caps.

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Casual Trades

I'm happy to browse trade lists if you're interested in anything here, or I will trade them for wishlist items. I may be willing to part with some of them for GBCs/customs.

Numbers are a reference to where the item is located.

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These items are only available for wishlist #1, or if I offer them specifically.

Numbers are just a reference to where the item is located; the '99' indicates simply that I don't want to trade it for a custom.

*These are NOT closet items. They just happen to be items I really like, and I don't have multiples. I'm more than willing to trade them, I just prefer that it's for items I plan on keeping in my closet.

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stvalday 2:1 cube clearout

Items on my side account I can trade 2:1 for cubes.

I have 2 boxes there presently and trying to turn that into a dozen. :P

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Items Miranda wants

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1. High Priority

I am willing to part with items from any section of my trade list for these.

Numbers are just a reference for me to know which account I need the item for.

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3. Side Account Wishlist

I am not actively seeking these, just looking around when I have some extra NC, time, etc. I am happy to do casual trades for them, but I am not offering from my HTPW section at the moment.

Numbers are just a reference to which account the item should be sent.

This list is empty.

4. Items To Replace

These are not priority, nor am I actively seeking them, they are just items I've traded away for bigger wishes that I would like to replace at some point.

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