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Items Meer owns

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1.) NC Trade List - Main

This is my main trade list of retired and limited addition NC items on my main account QuothTheRaven77.

I can also usually offer modest customs of anything currently available in the NC mall. I currently have 10 Gift Box Capsules to trade. I also have very old caps (including old GBCs) that might be interesting to a collector of caps, Fortune Cookies, Goodie Bags and other non-wearables for trade:
see non-wearables for trade on this list: (in the list titled NC Trade List: Non-Wearable Items)

I usually have lots of boxes but not a lot of really desirable items, so I usually don't trade for gift box caps, I prefer to try to get my wishes.

If you would like anything, send a neomail to me, QuothTheRaven77, and see if we can work out a trade! :)

List last updated: 6/4/2022

This list is empty.

3.) NC Trade List - NightmareWake

Items for trade on my side account, NightmareWake

This list is empty.

4.) NC Trade List - Buyables

Here are all my buyable and junk items I have for trade. I will trade multiples of these items at a time or add them in to even out a trade, or whatever.

This list is empty.

5.) VVHTPW NC Items

These are my Very Very Hard To Part With items. Normally they are NOT up for trade, sorry. But for my most wanted hard to find items they might be. Please don't ask for them unless you have a HTF item from my WL, or if I offer these items to you directly.

Some of these items may not be very valuable to other people, but they are to me, thanks for understanding. :)

This list is empty.

6.) Extra PB Clothes

These are clothes I have in my closet from zapping and such that I don't need. If you need these clothes feel free to contact me and if I have transfers available I can give you what you need. :) Free to anyone who wants them.

Remember you must have a pet of the color the clothes belong to in order for these clothes to be transferred.

Numbers past ten indicate which account the clothes are on. 10 = Main (QuothTheRaven77) | 20 = Side A (TheLastAlicorn) | 30 = Side B (NightmareWake) | 40 = Side C (ShadowStruck) | 50 = Side D (SpidermiceFromMars)

(Currently Under Construction!)

This list is empty.

Items Meer wants

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*Most Wanted NC Wish List*

These are the items I am actively seeking and want the most right now.
If you have any of these items for trade, please Neomail me, QuothTheRaven77, to set up a trade! You can see my UFT items in the list above. I can also offer modest customs of current items along with my UFT list! :)

This list is empty.

Actively Seeking NC Wish List

These items are my NC Wish List that I am actively seeking, but not my most wanted. They are effectively my "second most wanted." I have my Wanted items in three tiers basically, this is the second one.

This list is empty.

NC Wish List - For My Gallery

These are items I need for my gallery. Unless I'm only looking for most wanted items, I will always be willing to trade for these.

In addition to the wearables listed, I am also looking for one of the Phantastic Finds Spooky Magnifying Glass packs. Doesn't matter which one, whatever I can find! And also looking for Spyder Neggbot Tinker Kit!

This list is empty.
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