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NC Trade List - QuothTheRaven77

These are all the NC items I have for trade on my main account QuothTheRaven77. I can also offer modest customs of anything currently available in the NC mall. If you would like anything, send a neomail to me, QuothTheRaven77, to work out a trade! :)
I also have old caps and other non-wearables for trade:
see non-wearables for trade on this list:

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Items Meer wants

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*Most Wanted NC Wish List*

These are the items I am actively seeking and want the most right now.
If you have any of these items for trade, please Neomail me, QuothTheRaven77, to set up a trade! You can see my UFT items in the list above. I can also offer modest customs of current items along with my UFT list! :)

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Actively Seeking NC Wish List

These items are my NC Wish List that I am actively seeking, but not my most wanted. They are effectively my "second most wanted." I have my Wanted items in three tiers basically, this is the second one.

This list is empty.
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