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Hello! :)

Last Updated: June 2020
Gift Boxes: 83 || GBCs: 326
NC For Customs: Tons!

Capsules For Trade:
• Sweet Summertime Retired Mystery Capsule - x1
• Fall Festival Retired Mystery Capsule - x29
• Full of Fall Mystery Capsule - x29
• Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule - x20

Everything in my lists, except for my HTPW, are things I really don't
have much interest in keeping. So feel free to send me a neomail!

I'm open to discussing potential 2/3:1 sales on most 1-2 items for Archives/Quest/Training Cookies. Just ask! :)
(First digit of the number is qty, remaining numbers are which account they are on)

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UFT - Background

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UFT - Background Items

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UFT - Foreground

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UFT - Handhelds

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UFT - Hats / Wigs

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Items Fuzio wants

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High Priority

These are items I'm actively seeking for customizations!

I'm not opposed to over-offering for the difficult to find items here:
Handheld Shopping Bags, Sun Prince Markings and Specialty Shop Spectacles

Yes, I am serious about trading for the Specialty Shop Spectacles!

I am almost always seeking another Virtupets Space Station Frame!

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