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0. Notes

LAST UPDATED: February 11, 2017.

This list is empty.

2. Regular tradelist

Seeking GBCs and wishes for this list.
Items marked 99 are only uft for high priority wishes.
Not interested in GBCs or custom if the item is new!
555 = pre trade / other number: quantity

This list is empty.

4. 1:1 FQC or Dye Potion

Anything here is 1:1 Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie or 1:1 Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion.

This list is empty.

Items leticiahpj wants

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2. Low Priority

Looking for item:item trade for the items in this list, show me your wishes if you have any.
Always interested in: GBCs, FQCs, Upcycle Cookies and Archives Cookies.

This list is empty.
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