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A few notes:

Last updated February 2017

Apologies in advance if it takes me a day or two to respond to mailed offers. I usually log on 3-4 times a week these days.

Disclaimer: I will sometimes turn down fair trades due to box count, how often I use an item, priority of my wishes being offered, rarity, etc. Trading is a pastime I enjoy and I'm happy to entertain mostly any offers. Just please do not be offended or feel your time was wasted if I turn down a fair offer - I have spent a lot of time and money on my NC collection so I reserve the right to be picky at times. :) Thanks for your understanding.

Please note that I only offer 2:1 deals from my 2:1 list. Please do not ask for special deals on items that are not within that section. Also note that the 2:1 deal applies to gift box cubes only, and not item trades.


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Regular Trade List

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All items here are 2 for 1 Gift Box CUBE - you choose two items from this list and send me a gift box capsule that guarantees two boxes in exchange.
I will also trade 1:1 for OLD gift box capsules (guarantees one box).

Sale applies when offering gift box capsules/cubes only.

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Currently Seeking (Medium to High Priority)

My highest priority wishes are marked with "99". I am more likely to part with my HTPW items, as well as unlisted closet items for these, so please feel free to mail me your wishes if you have them for trade.

I am almost always interested in GBCs as well.

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