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Last updated 26 July, 2017.

Currently NOT TRADING as my entire wishlists are open whilst I work on high end Mystery Capsule trades.
EVEN IF MY NEOBOARD SAY I AM TRADING, I AM NOT. i'm just waiting for the boards to die lol.
So don't tease yourself and don't look here :P
Ignore all section titles, it's just for my own reference.

Seeking these Mystery Capsules: HIGHEST PRIORITY

Non-wearables UFT:

Gifts from amazing friends (not for trade)
Thanks megh4n

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1. Closet I

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2b. Paint Brush Clothing

This is FREE. You must own the exact pet, transfer the pet to pet, then I will dress in their original clothing and send back to you.

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I. 2:1 GBC Sale

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Items cheeky_jess wants

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2. NC Album

Items I need to replace to have my full nc mall album complete.

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Wish: new

Seeking these items, trading with items from my TL only. (no gbc, custom)

Values of these are unstable at the moment, so I won't be trusting value guides. Please keep this in mind before you mail me, thanks :*

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Wishlist 1

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Dress to Impress
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