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** Read Me **

Last updated 17 November, 2017.

Ignore all section titles, it's just for my own reference.

Seeking these Mystery Capsules: HIGHEST PRIORITY

Non-wearables UFT:

Gifts from amazing friends (not for trade)
Thanks megh4n, hisssi_fit <3

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2b. Paint Brush Clothing

This is FREE. You must own the exact pet, transfer the pet to pet, then I will dress in their original clothing and send back to you.

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3a. Trading 10+

4a. Trading Sale!

Some are 2:1, just ask :)

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X. NP r101 UBs

Selling these NP (non-NC) items as listed in my gallery under "Wearables":

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1. High Priority

Also seeking Mystery Capsules from this list:

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2. For friends

XX. Info: How I trade with Popularities

I place a higher value on trading based on how many of the item "exist" and how many people "want" that item.

I use the numbers that Jellyneo lists as how many people have that particular item up for trade, and how many people are seeking.

By using a simple ordering system of "H:W" Have:Want eg. 5:1 -
5 being how many people have the item up for trade
and 1 being how many people want the item.

Of course this method isn't fool-proof as there are a lot of variables and flaws, but I find it most helpful for prioritising which of my WL items I should be aiming for first. This isn't a value system, but a popularity system.

Why do you use Jellyneo not DTI for data?
Simply because JN's Trading database has been around for a shorter time, their information is more accurate. DTI has years and years of inactive and frozen accounts to take into consideration.

Let's use an example of item "MiniMME9-B: Splashing Puddles". On DTI it's popularity is listed as 29 have, 11 want (29:11 or 2:1). This seems like a low priority item as there still seem to be enough circulating, and not too many people want it. If you cross-check that with Jellyneo you will see that the data changes: 14 have, 12 want (14:11 or 1:1). This demonstrates that this item will be harder to trade for than originally thought so would be of higher priority to achieve that one sooner rather than later.

I've put this info together in case you want to use a similar system:

I order in groups of 10s except the first 20 I group together:
1 = indicates quantity between 1-19
2 = indicates quantity between 20-29
3 = indicates quantity between 30-39
etc etc etc 10 = indicates quantity 100-109

What about when an item has more people wanting it than people having it?
Golden rule is to remember H:N Have:Need. If you can remember this you won't be confused when you start to categorise the very popular items that have a higher want than have. eg. item "Blonde Fishtail Side Braid" has 29 UFT, and 67 Seeking. 29 Have, 67 Want. 29:67 or 2:6.

How to condense your lists: You'd probably have over 15 lists doing this method, so I've learnt how to pull the lists together and for it to still be accurate.

"Wishlist *" Could be all of the items where there are less than 10 (or 20) in existence so make that your highest priority

"Wishlist =" Could be a group of all wishlists of the same H:W ratio: 1:1, 2:2, 3:3

"Wishlist +" Could be all the wishlists where the Want is greater than the Have: 1:2, 1:3, 2:3, 2:4

Using X as a placeholder for any amount.
For example my Tradelists have X:3 represents 4:3, 5:3, 6:3 which suggests it doesn't matter how many of the item there are because it's already popular as 30 people want that item (make sure the Have number isn't less than the Want number in this case!)

Hope this helps you get some more clarity with your items and their popularity.

Happy Trading!

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