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0. updated december 13, 2017

sometimes i'm not very good at responding to messages.
feel free to NM again if you think i forgot, and i apologize in advance. ♥

GBCs: 12
gift boxes: 14

This list is empty.

1. closet items

these items are being used in permanent pet customizations.
this list is set to "public," not "trading."

numbers are for my organization and refer to side accounts.

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2a. for trade

number is quantity.
i also have: 1 NC archives cookie, 1 green neoboard pen

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Items thenirnroot wants

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4a. low-priority: backgrounds

not actively seeking these, i just love backgrounds.

This list is empty.

4b. low priority: the forever-growing list of other stuff

some popular, some not. :)
always lurking trade lists for these--especially for 2:1 GBC sales!

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