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0. updated october 16, 2017

i'm not very interested in NC trading/neopets at the moment, unfortunately. :(
i'll probably only respond to messages if i'm actually interested in trading. no offense meant! ♥

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1. closet items

these items are being used in permanent customizations. (i want to keep everything together.)
probably only interested in trading these for "actively seeking" wishes and even then, i might decline.

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2. for trade

training fortune cookie x1
nc archives fortune cookie x2
green neoboard pen

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Items thenirnroot wants

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4a. low-priority: backgrounds

not actively seeking these, i just heckin' LOVE backgrounds!

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4b. low priority: the forever-growing list of other stuff

some popular, some not. :)
not actively seeking these but occasionally lurking trade lists.

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