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0. info [updated january 2, 2017]

i'm dealing with ~real life~ so i'm not very interested in NC trading at the moment, or in neopets in general.
feel free to neomail me, but please don't be offended if i don't respond. it's nothing personal. :)

GBCs: 10
gift boxes: 14
NC archives cookies: 2
training cookies: 4
upcycle cookies: 1

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2. NC items up for trade

i don't do 2:1 trades because i hardly ever have enough boxes, sorry.
# is quantity.

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Items thenirnroot wants

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4a. low-priority: backgrounds

not actively seeking these, i just love backgrounds and wanna have 'em all. :)

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4b. low priority: the forever-growing list of other stuff

not actively seeking any of these at the moment.

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