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0. updated february 7, 2018

i'm not great at responding to messages if i'm not interested in trading.
i apologize in advance, i'm not just very active on neopets lately. ♥

GBCs: 10
gift boxes: 19

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1. closet items

these items are being used in permanent pet customizations.
this list is set to "public," not "trading." :)

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2a. for trade

number is quantity.

non-wearables i have
1 NC archives cookie
1 green neoboard pen
2 snowy holiday cracker grams
4 wonderclaw widget 1-pack
2 shenanigifts invitation 1-pack
1 flowery valentine goodie bag
1 candy hearts valentine goodie bag

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Items thenirnroot wants

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4a. low-priority: backgrounds

not actively seeking these, i just love backgrounds.

This list is empty.

4b. low priority: the forever-growing list of other stuff

some popular, some not. :)
always lurking trade lists for these--especially for 2:1 GBC sales!

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