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0. why hello there kind stranger

This page is up to date as of:

June 2020

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Dyeworks Lending

Lending for a GBC, FQC, or DW potion ? (Depends on box availability)

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There are moments in life where you cross paths with some truly kindhearted people. I was lucky enough to meet some of them!

Thank you Samuel and Lily! :-)

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Highlights / New

Things I got before and after disappearing into my last hiatus.

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Items Namorita wants

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01. Will sell my soul for

I've been hunting down these items but it seems no one wants to trade them. If you have them, and you want to trade, spam my inbox until I cry.

Numbers are approximate value as a reminder.

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02. Dreamies

When I think about how cute these are my wallet flinches and tries to hide

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03. A Priority For Specific Customizations

Look I have way too much free time and somehow I always end up putting outfits together so now I feel aesthetically obligated to make them come true ok? I have issues and also needs. Needs you can satisfy with your beautiful TL :-)

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04. Dyeworks

Yes! Feed me your Dyeworks spares!!

But seriously I want them all.

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05. Casually Seeking

Just the general, casually seeking list! I bet you have some of these.

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05.1 Clothes and things

Ah yes, pretty outfits and cute clothes that I want, but in a casual way.

Marked 22 -> Most interested in

This list is empty.

05.2 Wigs n Accessories

Wigs and accessories that I want, but casually B)

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05.4 Backgrounds and stuff that belongs there

I want these... in a casual way!

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