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. Welcome .

Hi all!

Feel free to neomail me about trades. I will always get back to you. If I don't, it's probably a neomail bug so please mail me again!

Currently boxless.

Updated: 10 January 2020


Welcome to my UFT. I rarely trade my items for GBCs, unless I have a board up specifically asking for them. Then I probably need them badly. You are always free to ask, though.

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1. UFT

Note: all items marked 88 are on boxless sides, so I cannot trade them without a GBC. Other numbers refer to the account something is on, so are for my reference only. :-)

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3. UFT: Sale section

Mostly buyables and some retireds about to be upcycled. Anything on this list can go 2:1 for GBCs. Again, the numbers are for my reference only. :)

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4. From my closet

A bunch of stuff that is currently in my Usuls' closet - some of these are harder to trade than others. Feel free to ask if you are looking for something. :-) However, items marked 99 I will probably only trade for my priority wishes.

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Items Sannah wants

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1. Currently Seeking

My currently seeking. I have a custom planned and cannot live a day without these in my closet (relatively speaking)!

Items marked "77" are trade pending. Items marked "99" are those I will offer my harder to part with stuff for. All other numbers are reminders to myself re: their waka values :)

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2. Stuff I Like

items I'd like duplicates of & items I want in my closet & other stuff that I don't really need but do like :)

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