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hey y'all!

i've organized my stuff based on waka values, supply/demand on dti, and personal attachment.

i'm actively seeking gbc, archive + upcycle + training cookies, and of course my wishlist items. please don't be afraid to send offers outside of that, i'm very open to working something out if i have an item you're particularly desperate for!

i try my best to keep these lists updated as things are traded out, but there may still be a few errors here and there.

LAST BIG UPDATE: 9/10/2020

This list is empty.

I. highlights / HTPW

numbers represent quantity

more likely to trade these items for wishes, but open to other offers
if i contacted you with an offer, this list is fair game

This list is empty.

II. 2:1 sale

numbers represent quantity

two items for one gbc, archive cookie, upcycle cookie, or training cookie

This list is empty.

III. general tradelist

numbers represent quantity

This list is empty.

V. closet

these are items that i'm currently using in a custom, but i'm willing to part with for certain wishes.
(dreamies for some, high priority for others)

i don't have these items listed for trading, however if i contacted you with an offer these items are fair game.

This list is empty.
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