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- Welcome -

Hi there! Welcome to my NC WL/TL.
Items that I'm trading as well as seeking can be found below. Boxes: 24 | GBCs: 25

Should you have questions or want to trade, you can neomail me using the button above.
I am always willing to accept Training or Faerie Quest Cookies for my items!
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These are the nicer items that I have for trade.
I will be pickier with these so please don't be offended if I turn down a trade.
I'm always willing to use these towards my more expensive wishes.

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This is everything else that I have UFT. Not really picky with any of these so just ask!

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Items cosynes wants

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Expensive Wishes

These are just items that I'd love to have in my closet someday!
Since my trade fodder is so small anything over 10 caps just automatically get shoved in here

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Other Wishes

These are items I want but am in no rush to obtain.

This list is empty.
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